Five Symptoms Of A Bad A/C Evaporator To Watch Out For

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You may know that every part of your car’s A/C system is important, but do you know what the evaporator does? The evaporator plays a vital part in absorbing heat and removing humidity from the air your car’s A/C takes in. From there, cool air can be distributed throughout your cabin to ensure optimal comfort for all passengers.

When your evaporator is faulty or malfunctioning, you will need to get it repaired or replaced timely. Without a functioning evaporator, you will not be able to enjoy cool air circulating in your cabin, which can be particularly challenging when it’s hot out. Read on to find out some symptoms of a bad A/C evaporator!

Warm or Weak Airflow

Of course, any A/C system should be releasing cool air, not warm air. When you are experiencing this problem, a bad A/C evaporator may just be the cause. However, before you hurry to replace your evaporator, you may want to identify the root cause of your evaporator not functioning properly. This can be down to a clogged or broken filter, for instance.

Unusual Odor

Is there an unusual odor circulating through your cabin? Maybe this odor resembles mildew. This shouldn’t be the case if everything is functioning properly, which means that no moisture has had the chance to infiltrate your car’s A/C system. When there’s a build-up of moisture within your system, this can affect your evaporator’s ability to function.

Compressor Won’t Activate

Have you been experiencing trouble turning on your compressor? If so, this can affect the circulation of cool air within your vehicle. As the compressor is responsible for circulating refrigerant through the evaporator, being unable to activate the compressor can signal a problem with the evaporator as well.

Strange Noises

Have you noticed any strange noises emitting from your evaporator, such as banging, hissing, or a clicking sound? This can become more apparent when you step outside of your vehicle and leave the A/C running. If so, that’s your sign that something’s wrong. Similar to unusual odors, these noises can be caused by the accumulation of unwanted moisture within your car’s A/C.

Core Leaks

A core leak can occur within your evaporator when leaves or other types of organic matter enter through the exterior air intake vents. When the leaves decompose, this results in corrosive substances being present in your car’s A/C system.  When you discover a leak, the wisest thing to do would be to replace the entire A/C evaporator.

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