Common Car A/C Mistakes To Avoid

Common Car A/C Mistakes To Avoid

Many people take for granted that prior to the 1980s, many cars did not come with air conditioning. Today virtually every vehicle has them, but to continue enjoying it, you’ll want to avoid making car A/C mistakes that could prematurely damage it.

Not Using The A/C or Performing Maintenance During Winter

When fall arrives and the temperatures start to drop, there is a tendency for drivers living in northern climates to use their automobile’s air conditioning less. While this is certainly logical and understandable, A/C systems are distinct from other machines in that the more often you use them, the better they work.

This is because when the A/C is activated it will lubricate the system’s internal parts while lowering the likelihood of leaking refrigerant. However, if the system is rarely used during winter, it won’t be able to do this, and aside from that, there is the increased possibility of mildew development which can manifest itself in an unpleasant smell when you finally do turn the A/C on during late spring or early summer. Therefore, it is best to turn the A/C on periodically during winter and let it run for a few minutes, and you will also want to pump its system to ensure everything is functional.

Trying to Refuel System Freon Yourself

Unless you’re a qualified technician, it’s probably not a good idea to refuel the Freon yourself. Aside from the fact that the substance could cause serious ocular damage if it gets into your eyes or those of someone nearby, not knowing the correct measurement could result in overabundance, a phenomenon where excess Freon is transferred to your compressor as a liquid which ends up destroying it.

Forgetting To Review Your A/C During Car Inspection

A lot of mechanics will not check your car’s air conditioning system during a routine inspection unless you specifically request it, and many drivers forget to. If your A/C develops a problem, months can pass before you begin to see symptoms of it, and by that time the damage may have progressed to the point where other components may be affected, creating a scenario where you’ll have to spend far more money than would have been necessary if you caught the initial problem earlier. 

Driving Around With Open Windows While Using the A/C

This doesn’t make a lot of sense, but you’d be surprised at the number of drivers that do it. Aside from the fact that keeping the windows rolled down will make it impossible to adequately cool down the cabin, your A/C system will have to work a lot harder in its attempt to do so. Not only will this result in greater fuel consumption and spending extra money on gas, but you might also even damage the vehicle’s air conditioning, requiring costly repairs to get it fixed. 

Not Treating The Radiator And Evaporator With Antibacterial Solution

When most people think of indoor air quality, they think of their home or office. But the interior of your car is also important because if you forget to add antibacterial treatment to your evaporator and radiator, microorganisms could accumulate which can compromise cabin air and cause you and other passengers to become sick.