Can You Drive With A Bad A/C Pressure Switch & What Are The Signs?

Technician cleaning the pipes of the car's air conditioning

A functioning air conditioner is nothing short of a godsend on those sweltering summer days. However, sometimes you can notice that there is a problem with the system and that the inside is not getting cold enough. Well, a bad A/C pressure switch may be to blame. Typically, an A/C pressure switch will fail once or twice during the lifespan of a vehicle.

Can You Drive a Car With a Defective A/C Pressure Switch?

Although a malfunctioning A/C pressure switch won’t affect your ability to drive, the A/C system won’t function properly. The electricity to the A/C compressor will be cut off when the pressure switch fails, preventing the compressor from cooling the A/C system. Knowing the signs of a faulty A/C pressure switch can help you replace it as soon as possible.

How to Identify a Faulty A/C Pressure Switch?

An A/C pressure switch’s main function is to safeguard the compressor. An A/C system consists of two sections, the high side and the low side, each with a separate A/C pressure switch. When they notice a problem, they may overload and turn off the A/C system to prevent further harm. Due to their fragility, they can get damaged at times.

These easy-to-read indicators might help you spot a broken A/C pressure switch.

The A/C Isn’t Turning On

Pressure switches will occasionally detect an incorrect pressure. When this occurs, they have the ability to override the A/C control system and prevent the compressor from operating. If this occurs, the air conditioning system in the car’s cabin will stop working every time you try to switch it on, leaving you without any cold air.

The A/C Blasts Hot Air

A good air conditioner should be able to quickly cool the inside of a car in just a few minutes. However, if an A/C pressure switch fails, it can damage the A/C compressor. A faulty compressor can have trouble cooling the vehicle’s interior completely. On really hot days, you could even feel humid air flowing through the vents.

The A/C System Isn’t Completely Functional

There are situations when a pressure switch will still permit the A/C system to function even if it is only partially failing. This implies that if one or, even worse, both switches are malfunctioning, the AC system will incorrectly interpret the pressure on either the high or low side of the system. As a result, the A/C system won’t operate as efficiently.

The Compressor Isn’t Working

The compressor’s job is to make sure the refrigerant flows through the A/C unit. In turn, the A/C cools your vehicle. A malfunctioning pressure switch will result in a broken compressor since the system will be unable to manage the pressure. So, if your air conditioner isn’t circulating cold air into your automobile, you might want to check the pressure switch.

Strange A/C Sounds

If you hear weird noises originating from your air conditioner, you should be concerned. It can be a sign that a broken pressure switch has to be fixed right away. The air conditioner makes little to no noise when the pressure switch is operating normally.

If your car exhibits any of these signs, the A/C pressure switch needs to be replaced. Order it from us today and relive that pleasant breeze!