Bad Car AC Expansion Valve Symptoms

Young woman with portable fan suffering from heat in car

The air conditioning operating system is based on two factors: the refrigerant charge and its flow through the air conditioning loop. One of the most important parts that contribute to the A/C working process is the expansion control device. The role of an expansion valve is to convert refrigerant liquids into low-pressure hashes and regulate their flow throughout the A/C system. Today’s article will focus on the bad car A/C expansion valve subject and how you can find out what causes the malfunction.

The problem that may arise in regards to this part is its fragility. The expansion valve operates under sensitive conditions such as high pressure and temperature changes. If the part is not handled properly, then impurities may find entering points which will cause damage.

Also, if the part gets clogged or under the impossibility to be closed, the air conditioning will not work properly. In case of clogging, the pressure in the system will increase which will lead to an overheating of the compressor. On the other hand, if the valve cannot be closed anymore, the chances are that too much refrigerant gets to the system and compressor.

Your Car’s A/C Doesn’t Cool Properly

One of the reasons your air conditioning is not functioning normally may be a loss of fuel in the powerhead that can obstruct the valves from functioning and opening normally, regardless of having an H block or a remote sensing bulb expansion valve. This fuel problem can result in a lack of cooling.

The A/C Blows Cold and Hot Air Alternatively

If the air is alternating its temperature without a modification of the user, then this may be a sign of a low charge of refrigerant. There are cases though when the system is charged accordingly and still blowing alternate air. If this happens, another problem may be an open or closed metering pin into the expansion valve.

You Get Frosty Vents

Another reason for your expansion valve not working properly may be that it allows too much refrigerant to get in, concluding into frosting or ice films on the fins’ surface. The humidity from the cabin’s air can freeze into ice crystals which can be blown out of the vents.

The Airflow Drops Significantly

As a consequence of a significant airflow drop, the air conditioning will blow freezing air. Soon after you will notice a decrease in the airflow to the point when a small air amount is coming out, it is warm air. This is a surefire sign that your car has an expansion valve that doesn’t function properly, so you need to investigate this as soon as possible, otherwise, you’re wasting fuel and money with each drive.

Protecting every part of your air conditioning will help prolong its lifespan, leaving you to enjoy more the cool, fresh air on hot days. For more expert opinions and options to buy, recondition or replace different damaged parts of your A/C, contact one of our specialists in air conditioning systems from R & Y A/C Compressors®.