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About Yuma, Arizona

Located towards the southwestern corner of the state, Yuma is the principal city of the Arizona Metropolitan Region. It is known to be a popular winter residence for 85,000 retirees. It is home to a downtown area of historical significance, along with major attractions like the Yuma Quartermaster Depot State Historic Park and the Yuma Territorial Prison.

Popular Points Of Interest & Landmarks Near Yuma, Arizona

  • The Yuma Territorial Prison: Opened in 1875, this former prison is listed on the National Register of historic places, with the site now being operated as the historical museum by the State Parks as Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park.
  • Yuma Art Center: Encouraging artistic growth and active community participation, the Yuma Art Center is home to over 100,000 visitors annually, with over 20 visual arts exhibitions, holding nearly 50 visual and performing arts classes, along with film screenings, special events, festivals, advanced public art and the annual mural program.
  • The West Wetlands Park: This public park on the northwestern edge of the city is located across the Colorado River. The man-made and natural habitats that can be found here include Cactus Garden, Lower Bench, Beaver Pond, Millennium Grove, Willow Fly Catcher Nesting Habitat, Butterfly Garden, Burrowing Owls and the Hummingbird Garden. Out of the 110 acres of the park, one-third is a restored riparian habitat. A good chunk of the non-native species was eliminated from the area, and others were manually taken off.
  • Yuma Valley Park: There are four adult soccer fields in this park, spread across an area of 15 acres. Over the years, it has hosted sporting events including adult and youth soccer, interactive activities, and Parks & Recreation sponsored programs. There’s also an open play space and a playground for children aged 5-12. Just north of the playground is the fifty-year Centennial Time Capsule, holding over 700 predictions for the future of Yuma.

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