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About Salt Lake City, Utah

The high-elevation capital of Utah, the Salt Lake City is bordered by the snow-capped peaks of the Wasatch Range and the floating waters of the Great Salt Lake. Being close to the Great Salt Lake, the city was initially named the ‘Great Salt Lake City’ until 1868, when the word ‘great’ was dropped. One of the key attractions of the city is the headquarters of the Mormon Church, the 10-acre Temple Square.

Popular Points Of Interest & Landmarks Near Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Temple Square: Spread across an area of 10 acres, the Temple Square is home to couple of visitor centers, the Seagull Monument, Salt Lake Assembly Hall, Salt Lake Tabernacle and the Salt Lake Temple. In the year 1964, the square was designated as a National Historic Landmark District, recognizing the Mormon achievement in Utah settlement.
  • Antelope Island State Park: Straddling across a massive 28,800-acre space, this recreation park is rich with wildlife population, including one of the largest herds of American bison in the U.S. Some other animals in the park include reptiles, small mammals, wading birds and waterfowl, mule deer and bighorn sheep. The park was founded in 1969 when the island’s northern portions were designated as state park.
  • Utah’s Hogle Zoo: Housing a wide variety of animals from diverse ecosystems, the 42-acre Hogle Zoo is a must visit destination. The Primate forest is home to 4 species of primate, with the exhibit housing two howler monkeys, Jackie and Elliot, two colobus monkeys, Safiya and Sefu and two spider monkeys Ebony and Lemon. It is also home to three Bornean orangutans and the 3 western lowland gorillas. The assortment also features various birds, small mammals, amphibians and reptiles. Some of the key highlights include the African crested porcupines, bat-eared foxes and the sand cat.

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