A Simple Guide To Fixing Car AC Leaks


One of the more challenging problems to identify and fix is a broken automobile air conditioner. If the air conditioner in your automobile isn’t blowing cold air, you should first check for leaks or a non-functioning compressor. You might not have the tools necessary to carry out major repairs on the air conditioning system at home if it needs them. However, if it is low on refrigerant, you can refill it with a recharge kit that you can get at your neighborhood auto parts store.

The article provides a simple guide to fixing car A/C leaks.

Start the Vehicle and Turn On the Air Conditioner

Start the vehicle using the key and set the air conditioner to high. Determine the temperature of the air coming from the air conditioner by feeling it. There can be a problem with air flow if the air is warm to cool but not as chilly as it should be.

Verify the operation of your radiator’s cooling fans. If not, there might be an electrical problem.

To improve airflow, you might need to change the cabin air filter on your car. Any offensive odors in the automobile may be eliminated by replacing the cabin filter.

Look to See If the Air Conditioning Compressor is Running

Verify the air conditioning compressor is operating. This is because, to decide how to proceed with any necessary repairs, you must first make that the air conditioner’s compressor is operational. Look for the air conditioner in the engine compartment and check to see if the pulley’s center is spinning concurrently with the pulley itself.

When the air conditioner is running, a clutch activates. The center of the pulley will revolve when the clutch is engaged, along with the pulley itself.

The air conditioning compressor may need to be repaired or replaced if the clutch does not engage. It may also just need to be refrigerated.

Check the Wiring Leading to the Air Conditioning Compressor

The air conditioning compressor wiring should be examined. A wire usually runs from the compressor to the electronic clutch. Unplug the connector by locating it in the middle of the wire. Run a piece of wire from the compressor’s wire to your battery’s positive (+) connector. When the electric clutch makes a loud clacking noise, it is working properly. If not, a replacement will be required.

Using professional tools to replace your air conditioning compressor might be necessary.

If the compressor or clutch has to be changed, bring your car in for repairs.

Look for Leaks in the Air Conditioning System

Check the air conditioning system for leaks. To find any leaks in your air conditioning system, you can use leak detection kits. These kits include a dye that will seep out of any leaks or cracks and flow through the lines, making them apparent to the human eye.

Spray the air conditioning system with the leak detecting solution after attaching the can to the low side service port.

You must bring the car to a shop to get it fixed by a mechanic if you discover any leaks. If there are no visible leaks, the issue might just be low refrigerant.