8 Steps To Replace An AC Condenser Fan In Your Car

An auto mechanic wearing protective work gloves holds a dirty, clogged air filter

If your air conditioner isn’t working, it’s important to pay close attention to your condenser fan. A faulty fan can cause the A/C system to overheat and break down, causing the A/C vents to blow hot air. To replace an A/C condenser fan, follow the instructions outlined below:

Step 1: Verify the Condenser Fan’s Functionality

  • Turn on the engine and look under the hood.
  • Find the fan assemblies—one for the radiator and the other for the condenser.
  • When the A/C is turned on, the condenser fan should be turned on.
  • If the fan is not turning on, it may be time to replace it.

Step 2: Inspect the Fan Relay

  • If the condenser fan relay does not run, it might not be receiving electricity.
  • This might be related to the fan relay.
  • There are two options: test the relay to ensure good operation or replace it with a different relay and check if the fan switches on.
  • If the fan now works, the relay should be replaced.

Step 3: Examine the A/C System Pressures

  • The vehicle must be connected to the manifold gauge set.
  • The low-side port will be linked with the blue hose.
  • The high side will be attached to the high-pressure port.
  • The readings collected will be cross-checked with the chart for confirmation.
  • Your vehicle’s A/C system may malfunction if the high and low side pressures are out of specification.

Step 4: Dismantle the Wire Connection

  • Disable the condenser fan’s electrical connections.
  • In some cars, the fan is connected to the radiator fan assembly and must be removed simultaneously.
  • If this is the situation, disconnect the radiator fan connector as well.
  • After removing the electrical connections, relocate to a secure area.

Step 5: Take the Mounting Bolts Out

  • Before removing the mounting bolts, remove any obstructions that might hinder the removal of the fan.
  • The amount that is removed varies by your car’s make and model; refer to the owner’s manual for your car. 
  • If available, remove the top and bottom mounting bolts.
  • Now carefully raise and remove the fan assembly from the car.

Step 6: Set up the Replacement Condenser Fan Assembly

  • Now that the condenser fan assembly has been removed, it’s time to switch out reused components.
  • Slide the assembly into its mounting point gently, taking care not to break it.
  • The mounting bolts can be fitted and tightened to specification after the assembly is in position.

Step 7: Install the Electrical Connection

  • The electrical connections that were previously removed have to be installed after the condenser fan is fitted and in its final placement.
  • Connect the electrical wires to any removed fans and ensure the connector is correctly positioned.

Step 8: Examine the Condenser Fan for Optimal Functioning

  • After all repairs have been performed, it is time to retest the fan.
  • Start the car, then set the A/C to the coldest level.
  • Now, the condenser fan should be running.
  • If the fan assembly won’t turn on, check your work to make sure there aren’t any loose connections.
  • When the engine is idle, the fan assembly should switch on along with the A/C.
  • If not, more diagnostic testing may be needed.