3 Ways To Fix A Noisy Car A/C Compressor


A car’s noisy compressor can annoy the driver. It can aggravate everyone in your car and make it challenging to have a conversation. Even worse, they may potentially pose a risk if neglected.

The A/C compressor makes two different types of noises: high-pitched whining noises and rubbing or rattling noises.

The article provides advice on how to eliminate these two sorts of noise that the A/C compressor emits, exploring tips to fix a noisy car A/C compressor.

Rubbing or Rattling

Something is likely to be vibrating against the A/C compressor if you hear it rubbing.

This can be brought on by a belt, hose, or fan, and the cure is typically simple. Check to make sure that nothing is impacting the compressor and that all of the belts and hoses are attached correctly and securely.

A small amount of oil on the compressor’s shaft is another potential source of rattling sounds. If this is the case, remove the drain plug located at the base of the compressor and proceed to add a few drops of oil to it.

High-pitched Whining

High-pitched whining sounds coming from your A/C system are typically an indication that a compartment’s bearings need to be replaced. Specifically, when a serpentine belt is worn out, a high-pitched whining sound may be heard.

Such a sound could likely indicate that the belt is on the verge of breaking. Therefore, it is advisable for you to seek help from a professional when you hear high-pitched whining sounds.

Consult your neighborhood mechanic about the belt if you hear a loud whining sound emanating from the power-delivery system of your car.

Do take note that having a broken belt could damage the engine of your car and potentially cause accidents and mishaps. Therefore, it is critical to replace a broken belt as soon as possible.

Car A/C Makes Noise When Turned On

When you switch on the air conditioning in your automobile, you can hear a hissing or chirping sound. This often happens for a variety of reasons and is normal.

First off, when you switch on the air conditioner in a new automobile, you can hear a hissing sound.

This is because the air conditioning system in your automobile is brand-new and has not yet been broken in. As a result, it’s possible that the hoses and seals connecting the car’s engine and air conditioner aren’t tight enough.

If that isn’t the case, though, look to see if the fan belt is damaged. This is because a broken fan belt could be the source of the noise made when you’re A/C is turned on.

Finally, if all else fails, clean the A/C belt as well, and check to see if it is catching on anything. Make sure the hoses and belts are in good condition by inspecting them.