10 Steps To Pulling A Vacuum On A Car AC System

A/C Manifold Gauges Set, Check the pressure and leak

The last thing you need in the sweltering heat of summer is to climb into your automobile, flip on the A/C, and only get warm air. But it happens. The system can malfunction when trapped moisture or air becomes a problem. By pulling a vacuum on a car A/C, you evacuate air conditioning system-trapped air.

Not only can your cooling system’s efficiency be affected by trapped air, premature breakdown of your air conditioning system can be caused. Here, we’re going to look at pulling a vacuum on a car A/C.

Pulling a Vacuum – Why Do It?

It’s particularly important to vacuum your system after installing a new A/C component and system refrigerant recharge. If you’re wondering why you should pull a vacuum on your automobile air conditioning system, here are some reasons:

  • Prevent premature system breakdown – Mechanical breakdown on the expansion valves or compressor could be the result of ignoring A/C system vacuuming. But that’s not all! Other problems could arise as a result including: ultimate system failure, premature corrosion, lower efficiency, and refrigerant line restrictions.
  • For a clean system and environment – When you pull a vacuum on your A/C system, air and moisture gets evacuated. To eliminate harsh substances, pulling a vacuum benefits the system. A cleaner environment will be better guaranteed by a cleaner system.
  • Get rid of contaminants – Particularly after replacing a condenser or faulty A/C compressor, it is crucial that you pull a vacuum. This way, you’re getting rid of contaminants that could be harmful to your air conditioning system.

Pulling a Vacuum on Your Automotive Air Conditioning System – Step-By-Step

Keep in mind that this is an over simplified version of the steps you would take to pull a vacuum on your car A/C:

  • Get all the equipment you’ll need in one place (recovery tank, A/C recovery machine/unit, vacuum pump, manifold gauges)
  • Get the recovery tank ready
  • The vacuum pump should then be hooked up (run it for roughly an hour)
  • The recovery tank should then be emptied
  • Bring the manifold gauges out
  • To the recovery unit, connect the hoses next
  • Rid the A/C system of moisture and air
  • The manifold gauge connectors can then be disconnected
  • All open valves should be closed
  • Replace service port covers

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