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About BMW

BMW’s spectacular success over the last century has led to collaboration and alliances with other automakers. For example, BMW worked with McLaren to design and manufacture the famous V12 engine, which appears in the McLaren F1. It also worked with Peugeot and Citroen to jointly produce 4 cylinder petrol engines in 2004; it collaborated with Daimler Benz to develop hybrid drive parts for the ActiveHybrid 7, which played a key role in the development of driverless technology. It has also worked with Japanese rivals such as Toyota to jointly build fuel cell tech, as well as to build joint sports car platforms and develop more efficient lithium air batteries.

About BMW 335xi

The 335xi is an impressive car that is outfitted with a 3 liter, twin turbo engine, and is capable of generating up to 300 horsepower. It can go from zero to sixty in about 5.6 seconds and buyers have the option of a standardized manual 6 speed transmission. At first, the gear box is a bit stiff when used, but over time the clutch’s take up becomes perfect. Aggressive drivers will love the shift lever as it allows them to blaze along roads while navigating them effortlessly. The all-wheel drive system is well designed and the xDrive provides operators with a more powerful grip. The interior is very opulent, as one would expect from BMW, which soft leather seats and plenty of space for legs.

Common BMW 335xi A/C Problems

One driver who owned a BMW 335xi with about 110,000 miles on it encountered a problem with the air conditioning. The A/C suddenly stopped functioning, and when they checked its compressor they found that it still engaged and turned correctly. Additionally, the light within the air conditioning control panel remained on; it just wouldn’t blow out cold air. The A/C didn’t shut down gradually, it happened suddenly, which led some to believe that the internal fan had failed. Mechanics recommended performing a test using a pressure gauge to determine the amount of PSI present in the system, as the issue could be the result of a blown fuse.

Get Automotive A/C Products for BMW 335xi Now!

Diagnosing a faulty A/C can be challenging, especially when it’s a BMW. This is because BMWs use a design which is distinct from other vehicles, and often requires mechanics that specialize in them. Once the problem has been identified, and a replacement part is needed, be sure to get it from R&Y Compressors. We carry hundreds of components, including hose assemblies, condensers, evaporators, fuses and more, all of which are remanufactured yet carefully reviewed to ensure quality, so browse for BMW 335xi A/C parts now and enjoy the best prices online!