What’s Your Auto A/C Telling You When It’s Blowing Hot Air?

Nothing is more frustrating than your auto A/C blowing out hot air, especially on a sweltering summer day. The warm air coming from the vents is a clear sign that something is wrong, and it is your job to figure out what. Below are some reasons why air conditioning blows out hot air and what you can do about it.

Your Compressor Is Malfunctioning

The compressor is responsible for A/C movement, but when it malfunctions the refrigerant won’t be able to properly circulate within the system, removing the desired cold air. Compressors can go bad due to extended periods of inactivity (such as during a long winter), and infrequent use may create shock when it is suddenly activated again. To prevent this from happening, it is best to run the A/C for about fifteen minutes every few weeks, even during winter as it will maintain the compressor and increase its service life.

Your Condenser Has Malfunctioned

When condensers break down, it is usually because of a puncture resulting from street debris which enters the car via the grill and then damages it or a related part. These punctures can be identified visually, and if you see them, the only solution is a replacement.

Aside from malfunction, condensers are also vulnerable to blockages. They are tasked with re-cooling the heated refrigerant after it has been subject to compression. This is accomplished through airflow that comes into the car’s front while driving. Should the condenser become blocked by street debris, then it won’t be able to efficiently cool down the refrigerant, which will keep it heated and expelling air which is hot. In many automobiles, the condenser can be found in front, and if so the blockage is easy to spot. Simply removing it should resolve the problem.

Electrical Issues

A growing number of cars and parts are electrical, and subject to all the problems that are inherent in it. If present it can be one of the most challenging issues to diagnose and resolve. You will first want to check the wiring visually to see if any are frayed or severed. If damaged wires are present, this is almost certainly the root cause, and they will have to be mended using either electrical tape or completely replaced. If the wires don’t appear to be damaged, then the vehicle will need to be taken to a specialist.

The Refrigerant Is Leaking

Refrigerant leakage is a common culprit in A/C issues and can be challenging to resolve due to finding the specific location where the leak is occurring. However, most leaks will appear near the hose connections, and occasionally one can detect a substance which is oily accumulating near them. The best way to resolve this issue is through the usage of sealant, but it has to be a brand specifically designed for automobile A/C units, which can be found at most online auto parts dealers.