How to know if my ac is low on refrigerant

How To Know If My A/C Is Low On Refrigerant

A refrigerant is a mixture or a substance, usually in liquid form, which is commonly used in a heat pump and a refrigeration cycle. It is that same fluid that is responsible in making sure that there is cool air inside a car via the air conditioning system. Sometimes, you may wonder if your car A/C system is low on refrigerant just because it tends to bring out more heated air than usual. But this is not enough reason to conclude that you need more refrigerant for the system.

Telling if your Car A/C System is Low on Refrigerant or Not

There is no easy way to say that your car A/C system is really low on refrigerant. Sometimes the pressure gauge may exhibit readings that actually let you know how much pressure there is in the system but this does not specify the amount of refrigerant present in that same system. In fact, connecting several pressure gauges in order to know if the A/C system is really low on refrigerant or not, will not even help you know if you need more refrigerant for the system.

Asking Service Technicians to Help You

Connecting several pressure gauges as well as taking pressure gauge reading will never help and because of that, you will need assistance from A/C service technicians to help you understand the pressure needed to detect refrigerant levels. The technician will let you know how important it is to quickly test the levels by adding about three to four ounces of refrigerant into the system. From there, the concern will be diagnosed accordingly.

Once the refrigerant is added, the service technician will be able to determine if there is improvement through the pressure gauge readings. The improvement in the readings will then confirm whether or not the system is indeed low on refrigerant. In case the readings do not improve after adding that small amount of refrigerant into the system then this can be taken as a sign that there are other existing restrictions and problems in the system.

Concerns about Adding Refrigerant

You have to take note that adding refrigerants is not valid at all times which means that may not be legal in some jurisdictions. This is the reason behind why only a small amount of refrigerant may be added for testing purposes. Technicians known when and when not to add refrigerants to a system in order to test the existing levels present in the A/C.

Your car A/C system refrigerant levels matter a lot because it can actually dictate how much cool air can enter into your car and provide the comfort you need when travelling to any place. You cannot just use judgment to determine if the A/C system is high or low on refrigerant levels. When you are unsure, always ask expert help to avoid any problems that may result from your lapse of judgment. It will not take days to resolve the issue once you seek the help of experts.