Common Porsche 911 A/C Problems

Common Porsche 911 A/C Problems

Porsche owners and dealers would know: the 911 model has never had a reliable air conditioning system. In fact, most drivers have resigned themselves to getting a marginally cool breeze instead of a full on cold blast. Why is this happening? Partly because the early cars did not come manufactured with an A/C system. They were a dealer-installed option, and never completely adopted by the factory. Thus, the air con systems were essentially added on to the car and, and could not be properly integrated. Here we have compiled a list of common Porsche 911 A/C problems for your perusal.

Refrigerant Leaking Out Of The System

Most failures of A/C systems, not withstanding the Porsche 911, come from leaking refrigerant. This commonly occurs because there is a leak in the high-pressure hose, or a damaged compressor, which are serious issues and warrant replacement of parts. You can purchase parts online and get them delivered to your home if you intend on getting out the elbow grease. On the other hand, the issue might be something as simple as dried out seals and O-rings. This can be easily avoided, making sure you run the A/C system at least once a week, if the atmospheric temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, so the system can circulate refrigerant around and maintain lubrication.

Too Much Tension On Belt

There is a belt which runs off of the main crankshaft, which operates the A/C compressor. This belt could also be the cause of A/C failure if there is too much tension on the belt. Be sure that you do not tighten this belt too much, or put too much pressure on the bearings in the compressor. To check the belt, turn off the system, making sure first that the system is connected properly, and make sure the electromagnetic clutch is engaging. It should engage, otherwise barring other factors it is asking to be replaced.

Compressor Failure

If you have checked and everything seems to be connected and working fine, then the last option would be that the compressor has failed. Inside the compressor is a piston with seals, and the seals may have deteriorated if the system is not run for some time. Running the A/C system with the engine lid open could also compromise the compressor.

If you feel confident that you know what the issue is with your Porsche 911 A/C system, and you need to find replacement parts to fix it yourself, but you may not be familiar with such handy work, never fear. There is a whole database of information available on our website, R & Y Compressors, that can teach you how you might be able to replace the parts by yourself, especially if you feel it is simple enough to do. This section of the website is continually updated with more articles, guides and FAQ answers on various different topics relevant to the auto owner or user, so it’s worth bookmarking the page and checking back regularly!