Common Pontiac A/C Problems

Common Pontiac A/C Problems

Becoming familiar with common Pontiac A/C problems will allow you to detect issues in advance so that you can get the vehicle to a qualified mechanic and address them before they become worse. Below are some common issues that have been reported by owners of these vehicles.

A Blown Fuse

Start up the Pontiac and activate the air conditioning. Let the engine sit for a few moments until the air becomes cool. Now check to see if the correct buttons have been selected. By doing this you might be able to detect a fuse which has blown. If the dashboard A/C controls appear to work but there is no effect in the air itself, this could be an indication of a problem. In many Pontiacs, especially the Grand Prix, the fuse box can be found within the glove box, so find and open it and look for the fuse which controls A/C, which will be in position twenty-eight.

You will also want to inspect the vehicle’s control panel should its climate controls feel wrong. There is a black color negative cable that can be disconnected, after which you will want to wait a couple of minutes and then disable its airbag. Extract the instrument panel, which stretches across the dashboard, and locate its control panel, which can be found at the back of the radio. Remove the screws holding it and then unplug its electrical connector so that the control panel can be removed. To test the A/C system make adjustments to the air levels while the vehicle is running, and listen for a blowing sound. If this sound cannot be heard, or it does not elevate when you switch the A/C to high, then this most likely means you have a problem with the blower motor.

A/C Compressor Won’t Turn On

Some Pontiac owners have reported problems with their A/C compressor. The problems usually started with the locks of their power door, and then extended to the interior lights, trunk release, and then compressor. The first thing you will want to do is inspect the fuse. Some have tried swapping it out completely but reported that doing so did not fix the problem. Those who have reported these problems have also stated that no power was being transferred to the hookup with two prongs, the one which attaches to the compressor whenever the A/C is activated.

A/C Unit Not Cooling The Car Effectively

In some models of the Pontiac Vibe (2005 edition) it has been reported that the AC unit failed to cool down the car effectively. The first thing you will want to do, whether this occurs in the Vibe or other Pontiac models, is to check the coolant levels. Even if the A/C unit appears to be working by its specifications, this does not necessarily mean that the system has been correctly charged. Many Pontiac models use R134a air so should have a PSI between 40 and 45.